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Falling into a Routine

November 24, 2016

This is what autumn looks like.

We are settling in nicely here. The process of tearing up and cleaning up continued through the summer.  Packing, moving and unpacking feels endless- but I see the end coming soon. I admit while it is overwhelming at times I am quite happy with everything finding it’s new place here. I have also had some new experiences:

I’ve been gardening this fall, it’s been months since I have purchased a clamshell of baby greens!


Heirloom greens and arugula patch.


Olive oil, lemon and shaved parm are all they need.

The landscape is quite different…


Houston’s amazing skyline

DSC03171 2.JPG

Birdsong Ridge- Westmoreland, TN

And the kitchen is amazing! I’ve had a couple small gatherings with friends and tried a few new recipes.


Vegetarian Chili


Pan de Muertos


Fire in the Cowboy Cauldron

There’s so much more to tell you, but for now… there’s bread to make!


Thanksgiving rolls.


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