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Houston to the Tennessee Mountains

June 5, 2016
IMG_3855 (1)

Gracie is loving the large property that allows her to be off leash most of the time.

I keep telling myself I don’t live “out in the middle of nowhere,” but I really do. It’s well over an hour to the closest Whole Foods Market, and at least 30 minutes to the closest grocery store. My dear friend in Nashville who once lived an hour away from “town” cautioned, “don’t forget the wine, and buy more than you think you need.” These country roads do not allow for a quick “beer run.” She speaks the truth, the only street light within miles of here is the one I had installed by my driveway. This place is dark.

The other side of the silence and the beauty of that darkness is connection with self.
We sold the yoga studio and Houston had become too much (too busy, too built-up, too loud, too dangerous) I just didn’t want to go back there. We considered the Texas Hill Country, but nothing really worked out like it needed to. I was born and had my early childhood in Tennessee, I have dear friends here,  so we came here. And it is pretty amazing right now. (winter will be an adventure, I’ve not lived with snow “for real”)

We are not all here yet, but soon we will be. There’s a new kitchen, new local ingredient sources and a new attitude!  You’ll see it all here, as I have a blast making it happen in the country.

In a couple weeks I will tell you more. For now, we remodel and bring all the dogs from Texas. I can not wait for George to see the fetch possibilities our new home presents!
And I can not wait to cook! See you soon!


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