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Thyme for some herb.

January 13, 2012

I’ve always grown herbs. Probably because they’re so easy to grow. And they smell good. Funny thing is, I never used the herbs in the kitchen because I never really cooked. So now that I’m cooking and buying herbs at the grocer constantly, This year I’m really really excited about growing them. Last year I tried to plant more flowers, I always need some color- but this year I forgive myself for being so herby!

I always grow thyme, it’s my favorite. Thyme is so beautiful, I love the way spills out over the pot and looks so elegant . I feel froofroo-ier just having it in the garden. And it tastes great fresh! I like to sprinkle it in salads, and use it all the time in other recipes. I use thyme all the time! (I know, I know) I have already bought new herbs for the garden. I’m so anxious to have them- And this is proof! I’ve already planted a few and I probably shouldn’t have. It froze in the North of Houston last night and winter is not over. So I’ve been dragging them around to keep them happy. That’s okay. They are worth it!

got herb?

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