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What about the yoga? w/ puppies, pizza and cake.

June 15, 2013

Hello friends.

It’s been kind of quiet around here on the ole blog, but I’ve been really really busy. I had some surgery, got a new puppy, and I had some more surgery! Some of that repair work has been on both wrists.  (I blog with voice recognition software but the thing about pain and painkillers, they make it hard to think. They also make it hard to “do” things. Every time I know I have a surgery  I’m just sure that I’ll be “reading a lot” and “blogging a lot” and  “doing” all those things that you can do while you sit and rest.  For me, surgical recovery doesn’t allow that kind of thing to happen for at least a couple of months. I can buy books and stare at them but I can’t really comprehend. So I’m looking at a lot of pretty pictures and ingredient lists but there’s been no serious cooking around here lately. I did do this fun dessert. Those are groats and walnuts. It’s boozy  and creamy. It’s more subtle flavors will surprise you.I made this Shaved Asparagus and sausage pizza with mushrooms and homemade fresh cherry tomato sauce and crust.


Shaved Asparagus and Italian sausage pizza

By the way I wanted to mention- If you take a look on this page on the upper right side you’ll see a new link for a new page called “what about the yoga?”  If you’re curious why don’t you give it a click. It’s really for those people who found this website looking for yoga classes taught by me.

Who knows?  Things could get crazy and I could start posting yoga stuff again over there. I certainly intend on practicing asana again this summer.  It really is healing when practiced in a therapeutic way… at a reasonable pace. My 3-5 classes- per- day-days will never return. But soon I’ll be doing it-  and it’ll be hot. And sweet.

Speaking of sweet- I did bake this cake a few weeks ago:


There is so much going on. There were some less than stellar moments:

bread that didn't rise

The bread that didn’t rise

over done cookies

These over done cookies

frittata was eh.

This frittata was eh.

potatoes were lovely.

But the potatoes were lovely.

There was Leonard in NOLA. Healing for sure!

And There was Leonard in NOLA. Healing for sure!

The man who does car inspections has a deal with the pigeons. He feeds them a specific seed, and "they do not poop on my trucks." I LOVED his story!

The man who does car inspections has a deal with the pigeons. He feeds them a specific seed, and “they do not poop on my trucks.” I LOVED his story!

And, did I mention a puppy?

And, did I mention a puppy?

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  1. June 18, 2013 7:26 am

    You’ve been very busy. Hope you have a speedy recovery. The food looks awesome and congratulations on the new puppy. I love yoga. A friend got me started years ago. She had back surgery many years prior and she says yoga is the only thing that ever helped her back feel better. I’ve mainly learned the little I know from DVDs and got to go to classes at the Y for a while. It’s nice that it’s one thing I can do that helps me feel better and is relaxing. Even being a full time caregiver, I can just do it in my living room. I’m hoping it will help ward off several health problems I know my mother suffers from that I don’t wish to have one day.


  1. Ran Roasted Garlic | darla cooks

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