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June 10, 2012

I’ve been the fortunate recipient of a few blogger awards. The first time I got one of these awards, I wasn’t quite sure what it was about. And then upon some thought I realized that these kind and thoughtful little awards are away for bloggers just to show appreciation for one another.

This page is going to be my awards page. On this page I will post awards have been given and also in turn give awards and mentioned other of my favorite bloggers.

The first one I want to mention is Paws to Talk. Bella and Didi are standard poodle bloggers! This is wonderful and delightful to me since I happen to have two standard poodles myself! (they don’t blog but they do show up here pretty often along with many dog treat recipes!) Bella and DiDi have given me the ABC award! ABC stands for Awesome Blog Content. Isn’t that sweet!? I will say that Didi and Bella are wonderful bloggers and offer some delightful and Awesome Blog Content! Go check them out! Their artwork is beautiful too!


Here are a few Awesome Content Blogs I follow!

Local Kitchen Blog 

From Scratch Blog 


Another blogger to blogger award I was given is the One Lovely Blog Award!

This time it was by EssentJewels! EssentJewels is a beautiful blog full of fashion and food! I LOVE getting fashion ideas from her, and her recipes are beautifully presented and written. Please go and check her out. You wont be disappointed, as a matter of fact- I think you will follow her blog as closely as I!

Here are a few other blogs I follow that I like to give the One Lovely Blog Award to:

A Pen and Marker is illustrator Pat Henzy’s blog. Sketches and fun drawings of all sorts often leave me smiling!

Veronica the Pajama Thief  is a blog by Veronica Watson, a writer who has plenty to say about women’s issues and much more. Her one word blogs are always interesting and informative. go see!

Picky Niki is a food blog of a totally different kind. Nicki is a picky eater, and this blog is about her adventures in food. Each day she committed to try a different NEW food and give her impressions. I particularly like her simple and fun illustrations of each food. I think you’ll enjoy her too!

I think this a nice way to find new friends and acknowledge a blog you like. I didn’t “follow all the rules” for these awards, but if you know me, you know that’s nothing new! I rarely follow all the rules! Maybe I should design my own award to give away… The Rule Breakers Award! Check back soon for more friends and fun blog recommendations!

11 Comments leave one →
  1. June 10, 2012 1:47 pm

    Congratulations! 🙂

  2. June 10, 2012 3:55 pm

    Thanks much! Your site is great fun, too.

  3. azita permalink
    June 10, 2012 6:18 pm

    Darla, please don’t kill me but I just nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. Here’s the link:

    • June 19, 2012 9:28 am

      No killin’ needed! Only thanks are necessary!! 😉 Thank you!

  4. June 11, 2012 8:46 am

    Thanks for the bloglove 🙂 You’re a funny lady!

  5. June 11, 2012 9:20 am

    We have a standard poodle too (Carolina) he is black and his name is Toby, we love him dearly. I have to check our PawstoTalk.

    Thank you for the sweet comments about our blog, we love yours too!

  6. June 11, 2012 5:25 pm

    Thanks for the mention Darla!

    Bella and DiDi

  7. Leslie permalink
    June 13, 2012 5:30 am

    Let’s see: Darla and Awesome in the same sentence — sounds about right! Congrats Darla. I follow the blog and love it!

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