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Technivorm Coffee Talk

January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012!
Oh gosh oh my golly! I am so happy to see the sweet fresh new year. We needed it didn’t we? That silly 2011 was getting on my last nerve!

It wouldn’t  be a new year without news, SO here we go–

This year this blog will take a decidedly different turn. That turn is into the kitchen! Yes, friends and perhaps soon-to-be former-readers my focus will be about food.

Each day there will be a blog of thoughts on food, shopping for food, techniques, products, failures, successes, of simply what I cooked that day. I know this might be a bit if a surprise to my yoga-centric readers. I am sorry if you are disappointed. But truthfully, you eat dont you? Okay then! See you are still totally in your element! Seriously though, I do have a few subscribers and while I am not all about that, I certainly don’t want you guys to go away. I hope you will hang around and see what ‘s happening on the kitchen.

For example- this January (tomorrow) we are going to be juicing and creating a cleanse.  Monday my dear friend Lou and I will buy too much fruit and veg and proceed to juice AKA create a crime scene in the yoga kitchen!
Crime scene you wonder???
I ask: have you ever juiced a beet?

AHHH, but that’s tomorrow.

Today it’s simple. It’s coffee.

This is my everyday coffee experience.  Typically I make a simple single cone drip Melitta, with brown sugar and half and half. This is a great cup of coffee. Strong- full bodied sweet and creamy. Perfect.
Until i met this REALLY sexxy machine  The   Technivorm KBT-741  and it’s BFF the Nespresso Milk Frother!.                        

I brew up  This delicious German coffee that is packaged as freeze dried, pre-ground.  My darling friend Kim’s sweet chef boyfriend turned me on to this coffee, and I have never looked back.
I am sure there are plenty of coffee snobs out there who insist to grind your own beans is the only way. I will tell you, I tried grinding my own beans for a couple of years. In my opinion
it’s too God damned early for all that noise! So I buy this. (I used to buy my coffee in West University Village here in Houston, but alas it’s a trip to a part of town I do not like and another story)
This coffee is a blessing. Thanks to JM for the tip!

So that’s it!  This coffee machine is amazing. It heats the water to the perfect temperature, drips the brew into an insulated carafe and this part is key- the carafe is not heated, the coffee does not continue to cook and stays the perfect drinking temperature!
You may be thinking this is still no big deal, but until you drink coffee from this machine you will not understand. I am not being paid for this, or compensated in any way- it’s just true.  The Nespresso frother is just lovely. It will make “latte style” milk with just a little foam, or “cappuccino- style” with more foam. The coffee is great all on it’s own, and granted this may be a bit spoiled-girl of me… but this is the perfect milk for the perfect coffee.

There you go.
Coffee. Milk. Brown sugar. Easy as pie!  (easier!)

Welcome 2012!
So happy to see you, may you be as easy and energizing as my delicious coffee.

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