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“Oh, but the fire went wild!”

December 17, 2011

Let’s set the ambiance, shall we?

Click this and listen as you scroll read the post.

It’s a nice multi-media experience isn’t it?
You may wonder why I chose this sad version instead of that sassy June and Johnny one?  You see, it’s because it’s how I feel today.
Since today is my first official day on sabbatical I feel a little like June without her John.  I am all fire… no ring.
Yes, yes I know I need to ease my way onto my new lifestyle. The best way to transition seemed be staying in the same “space”.
That “space” seems to require heat. And no better use of long-term heat (with out yogis) than to make food, today specifically- broth!

Today the chickens were brave- they showed up and I did what I do. I applied a low steady flame and implored them to relent.

Come on in, relaaaaxxxx, get a little steamy, do a Pigeon or two…

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