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Yoga Music Playlist

August 11, 2011

Making a play list for class is one of a yoga teacher’s challenges as well as a joy. I usually make a new playlist about every couple of weeks. This is not to say that I play the same list for 2 weeks. I have many on hand I switch out depending on my mood.

The key to a good play list to set the beat to the music to somewhat coordinate with the time of the class and the intensity of the practice at that moment. I usually let my mood determine the “theme” of the list. This latest list is entitled “The Boyfriend Mix.” It’s a little mix of songs that are by singers who I call “my boyfriend”, songs that are memories from old boyfriends, or songs that put one in the mind if love, or husband or “boyfriend.”  Most are from the 90’s. and there are a few bits of “yoga music” thrown in. 90 minutes.

Per popular demand, here my friends is:

The Boyfriend Mix
Yah Devi (This Goddess)   2:42  Krishna Das   Pilgrim Heart

Mamata (Affection) (Album Version)  3:10 Ananda Shankar

River 5:32  Natalie Merchant

Seven Days   4:38   Sting

Jimi Thing 5:57  Dave Matthews Band

Salala  3:24   Angelique Kidjo Feat. Peter Gabriel Yoga Revolution

‘Round Midnight 3:48 Amy Winehouse Frank (B-Sides)

Where is the Love ?    Black Eyed Peas

California Love  4:47  2Pac, Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman

Just a Dream 3:58   Nelly

Young Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson) 4:14 Jay-Z

#41 6:40 Dave Matthews Band

A Horse With No Name   4:12   America America’s Greatest Hits

Jai Ma 6:28  Donna De Lory  Sanctuary

You Remain  5:54 Willie Nelson The Great Divide

Why Should I Cry for You? 5:46 Sting Symphonicities

I Am (Album Version) 5:11 Guru Singh With Seal & Friends

Devakinandana Gopala 16:21 Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach  Bhakti Bazaar


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