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What is your HOT Yoga Style, Darla?

February 25, 2011

I am Bikram Certified I’ll never forget  the 2000 Spring session. I am also certified by Ana Forrest (2009) and Jimmy Barkan. (2007) both hot yoga style teachers- internationally known.

I am also certified by the Justice Resource Institute to teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga for PTSD sufferers and also certified to teach “Yoga Warriors”- also a PTSD – veteran specific trauma sensitive style.  These PTSD classes are ongoing and are not on the main website schedule.  All trauma sensitive classes are held in an ambient  temperature room. (not hot) They are closed classes that require a direct inquiry or referral. Inquire to:

I no longer teach BIKRAM yoga, I have serious issues with the style of teaching and the “cookie cutter” one-yoga-fits-all mentality.  I have grown as a teacher and see the need for more variety, opportunity, personal-instruction, compassion. So that is where my path has lead.

With that said- I teach wonderful loving HOT yoga classes that will challenge you and help you grow your practice.

They are all 90 minutes long. All classes require a reservation to keep classes small. They are never over booked. I supply your towels water and all your needs except for your sticky mat. No BS. Just show up ready to sweat.

So if you want the Bikram 26 and all the same stuff every time my classes are not for you.

If you think they might be for you I’d love to have you.  Please go to the website and fill out the “new student form”.

And lastly, here are a few links to articles I have written about hot yoga. They might interest you. Especially if you are new to yoga- or hot yoga.

If you need to know about eating on the day of class

Are you curious about why I process my clients in this manner- requiring reservations?

Do you wonder what to wear to class?

Would you like to read some reviews of my teaching?

Any other questions?

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