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I am NOT mad at BP

June 4, 2010

i am not mad at BP.  they were doing what they needed to do to give us what we wanted.  human beings are fallible, they make mistakes they blow off stuff when they shouldn’t.  it is a disaster. it’s sad. i feel for all the birds and the fish and the earth. but more importantly i feel for the families of those PEOPLE who were lost.

all the yelling and blame the pissed off ranting- knee- jerk responses are a bit tiresome.  no ONE person is to blame.  we are all to blame.  our cars, our lights, our LIVES.  if you think you can live without oil i remind you of the last hurricane in TX where we panicked living with out power for days and WEEKS!  we couldn’t drive- there was no gas anyway… where would we go? there were no lights anywhere in town! it was terrible. and we were CRANKY and we hated it!

so, if you have money time and soap go wash some birds.  otherwise, get OFF the BOYCOTT BP bandwagon, and think about what really matters. how you live YOUR life, and how that was paid for by more than the lives of fish and birds.

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  1. June 5, 2010 3:20 am

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and like the way you think, especially this post! We all need to look at our contribution in society to things like this and step up, take some responsibility.

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