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Texas bullies Yoga Teachers

May 27, 2010

i want to say for the record- and i hope you are out there TWC reading this… looking …. searching out for a mention of teaching training.

what you have done to yoga in TX is disgusting and wrong.

to the big yoga studio chain in dallas that is TWC “approved” thanks for taking a crap on all the other yoga teachers in TX.  just because you dance with the devil does not make you the yoga police.  your relenting to the taxation of your teacher training program does not make it better, it makes it regulated. regulated and taxed.

i put an amazing amount of work, countless hours of study and preparation into my program. and now, POOF! it’s gone.  the wisdom, the teachings, the traditions are all still here, but you Texas have greatly limited how i share them.  i have sorted that out for now BUT!-

i will continue in my efforts to fund the lobby helping to change the laws to exempt yoga studios as vocational schools.  i’d rather give my money to them than the YOGA  TAXMAN!  please, if you love yoga, do the same. donate any amount you can to the lobby efforts thru the texas yoga association.

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  1. George Burch permalink
    May 28, 2010 5:38 pm

    That is crazy!! Yoga as a “vocation”? I don’t think piano teachers get taxed as a “vocation”? If I take a cooking class as Sur La Table to they get a “vocational tax” levied?

    Take a deep breath, sweet Dee! You are a soulful kitty cat and you will land on your feet! You always do… eventually!

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