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by popular demand: Darla’s hot yoga diet.

May 17, 2010

you have to eat to live. to live through a hot yoga class you have to eat specifically and purposefully. once the class is done, again you have to consider eating.  this is the danger zone of eating… you may think you can eat anything you want because you have worked out so hard, but that’s exactly what can get you in “trouble”

here’s my sure-fire plan for losing weight remember I AM NOT A DOCTOR- I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST – this is what works for me, and as a short time thing if you are healthy it will work for you too.

this is the after yoga dinner plan:

do hot yoga at 430.
if possible, stay and also do as many of the postures at 630 class as you can.

drink lots of water during classes and a few e’merge’nc packets.

go home.
go to kitchen.
stand in front of open fridge.

realize your legs do not want to hold you up while you prepare dinner.
decide you aren’t that hungry anyway.

sit quietly for a while.
go to bed.

wake up feeling sleek and fabulous!
if you are curious about what else to eat while holding a hot yoga practice.
read my other post about food. it has realistic suggestions for preparing for your class.
remember, you have to eat to live…
ESPECIALLY if you do hot yoga!
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  1. George Burch permalink
    May 18, 2010 6:34 am

    Piping hot yoga for dinner, fresh out of the studio! De-lish!

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