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Great new yogi questions #1

May 10, 2010

i have a rather intense screening process for my private yoga studio.  because i don’t accept walk-ins every one has to email me to to get an appointment for a class.  i encourage a 2 way dialogue at this time and try to not only find out as much about the student as possible, but i also encourage them to ask questions of me.  most are the same, “what to wear” , “what to eat”, but i got a couple of good and different ones today.

Q: Do you engage in any physical manipulation of students to help them achieve proper forms ?

A: sometimes, it depends on the student, the day, the posture and if what is needed will benefit the student. (if you do not want to be touched, please say so when asked. if you are not asked, please say so if the teacher approaches you for a posture assist, no offense!!)

Q: How would you describe the awareness of yoga studio ettiquette in your classes from that of  the students? An example would be people who “pop” their mats to lay       the mats out on the floor or late-comers or persons who may leave class early. I am unhappy with how the studio I have been using tolerates what I feel is inconsiderate behavior.

A: people are people.   i stress courtesy and awareness certainly.  but i rarely “call people out” in class for behaviors i consider rude, unless they are also unsanitary. everyone is encouraged to stay for the entire class… but if someone feels sick and needs air, they are allowed to step out. if someone needs to go to the bathroom they may, and if i feel like a student needs something (ice, or water) that is not immediately available I MAY even leave the room.  try to remember, regardless of how we try to control other people, ultimately we can only control ourselves and our reactions to them.  it’s much easier and brings peace of mind faster.

so reader? do you have a question?  please ask!

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