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the watermelons are coming! the watermelons are coming!

April 10, 2010

soon  they will be here, and i for one can not wait.  i have bought two watermelons this year. one went directly outside for the birds to enjoy, the other one was less bad.  as i put it on FB- barely good enough to keep.  they do sweeten when they are juiced so i went on and juiced that not-so-bad-boy last night.  as always, when juicing prep is everything.  since yogi M has started juicing (a newbie) she asked about w-melons last weekend… so here we are. watermelon juicing 101.

choose a watermelon that has a yellow belly and a brown stem.  the yellow belly means it has been sitting on the ground a while to get sweet and a brown stem means it wasnt picked off the vine too early.  usually a fat green stem means a young not too good melon.

i like to cut the thing in half crosswise. this makes it more stable and easier to “peel”.

use a really sharp knife and slice away the thin green part of the rind.  if you stand your melon on it’s cut end you will find it to be easier.

after you have peeled the halves, slice them into “juicer ready” size spears and juice seeds and all.

several minutes later and a big ole mess later…


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