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it’s working!

March 25, 2010

last night after my good-byes to the yogis, I was airing out the yoga room when I noticed, thru the window, the exit gate was acting possessed…. AGAIN! You need to know this gate has been both my love and my nemesis.  it protects me, lets people out easily but it’s lazy and crazy.  We have been a few rounds, this gate and me so this was really more of a pain than a surprise.

i was tired and after 2 really really hot classes in the same Lulu ensemble I was beyond wet. i was simply soaked from hair to toes. (however my core temperature was soaring from DOING and LEADING these silent classes)  it had been raining and the cool front had come in, but i decided to dart out and see if i needed to just “dry off” the sensor or something.  no luck. unfortunately it was not going to be an easy fix. I was going have to call Joe the builderman.

i mentioned it was chilly and rainy, but it was also windy.  when troubleshooting the gate  the front door slammed shut and locked behind me.  no problem,  i thought- I’ll use my “hidden key” and get in.  Around to the back door, found key in lock … WHAM! the chain is engaged. No entry here. No problem, I will go thru the front door.  Thru the front door I go, I pick up my phone, lay the key down on the table and head out  front to look at the gate while I call Joe.   I walked out the front door again and WHAM! The wind got me again.  SLAM! Still in wet yoga gear. Still cold. This time no hidden key to save me.

As always, Joe’s kind and will call the fence man .  And he is on his way, but he has no key either.

Did I mention it was cold and I was SOAKED?

Well, I did not flip out, freak out or panic.  I found a gift.

You see, the monster heater that  beautifully heats the room, also draws the heat out! So I stood in front of the heater chimney out side and waited…. and waited… and thought about how to get in.  The yoga room window was open… but I needed a tool. A tool that would gently open the screen and not cut it.  Then I remembered! IF  my car was unlocked, I have a bottle opener in there! (it’s to open secret bottles of mexican coca-cola drank with out witnesses.)  SO… full of hope i run to my car and YAY!  it’s open!  YAY! There’s the bottle opener.  So I got the screen off the window with out damage and climbed up on the handicap ramp rails and viola! I was in… just as Joe pulled up.

I grabbed a jacket, offered a flashlight and happily went upstairs to change into my dry clothes.

“So, what’s working” you ask?

THE YOGA. The yoga is working on my equipoise as well as my body.  There was not even a wave of upset.  I found myself curious as to what was going to happen.  The HEATER:  it kept me warm inside the yoga room as well as outside in the rain.

And THE GATE?  Well, it’s working at the moment.  😉

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